Get To Know Me

Welcome to the weeks post.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve introduced myself to everyone, but never really told you anything personal.  So here it is, a brief run down of who I am.  I warn you, I’m not very interesting.  But I’ll start by giving you a quick little run down of my pre-twenties: 

 I grew up in rural British Columbia in the very small town of Anahim Lake.  I lived with my parents, my brother, and my grandma (or Granny as well call her) in a small log cabin that was exceptionally cold in the winters. Life was pretty amazing as a kid with the exception of an awful haircut.  

We were surrounded by forests and had a creek running through our property which allowed for skating in the winter and cold swims in the summer.  I didn’t watch much TV, besides Barney on occasion, the Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Growing up rural definitely commanded creativity and imagination and I encompassed those qualities as a child and feel they’ve somewhat stuck with me through the years.



Fast forward to high school- I loved volleyball and drama class. There’s not much I can say about high school except that they’re definitely not the best years of your life, but I met people who I still call my best friends to this day.  


I went to an acting school in Vancouver when I graduated from high school and that’s where I learned that the importance of being able to afford food and a roof over my head were more important than trying to make it in an industry that would chew me up and and spit me out.  I didn’t have the passion or drive to pursue it and instead wasted my time working at Earl’s and doing nothing wth my life.  Then my mom forced me to enroll in University and I graduated with a degree in communications a few years later.  Thanks mom!

Now for the family stuff.  As many of you know, I have a brother who plays professional hockey.  We weren’t super close growing up; there’s a four year age difference and he left home pretty early to play hockey.  We’ve grown closer over the years and I can say that he’s an amazing human- kind and caring.  My sister in law is equally as amazing, both as a mom and an inspiration.  And my niece… cutest baby, no contest.   

My parents take the cake.  They were and are so selfless and supportive.  The sacrifices they made to put my brother and I into extracurricular activities is a story in and of itself and one many of you have probably read in the past.  

I am my mother and it’s more apparent everyday.  We have the same mannerisms-stubbornness and quirkiness, but most importantly, the strength to move past situations wth strength. I have my dad’s steadfast patience, and his ability to deal with sorrow and hardship.  Most importantly, my parent’s both have the quality of a faith driven, strong relationship and instilled morality, humility and compassion into our lives and that truly is an irreplaceable gift to receive.

I’m an introvert.  I’m awkward in large social situations and will sparatically cringe when I think about an awkward moment for years.  I like to binge watch TV shows, especially Friends and Seinfeld. I can’t really skate  I’m self conscious about my weight and I think I have a masculine jaw.  I’m fiercely loyal to my close friends and will hold a grudge longer than I should.  I’m a procrastinator and I’m lazy but I’m learning to push myself.  I’m messy but I’ve learned to tidy up and I’ve learned that fighting with Yannick over it is not worth it.  I love God and my family above all.  I love to read, and I love to write.  And I love sharing  a little bit of who I am with all of you.


Thank you for reading this week.  I hope this gave you a little bit of insight into who I am.  Obviously this hardly scratches the surface but no one wants to read a novel about my life. I’ll get back to regular posts next Sunday, and I’d love to know what you want to read about next!


Kayla Price