Christmas Day 2017

Hello and Merry Christmas!

I’m sorry this week’s post is late but we were hosting a party last night and I did’t have any time to write or post.  This week we’re going to be talking about Christmas traditions that Yannick and I share.  Let’s get started.  

I grew up opening stockings on Christmas morning before breakfast.  After we ate, we’d commence the present bonanza and follow that with a day of watching movies, playing games and eating anything our hearts desired, including a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Yannick grew up opening the majority of his presents on Christmas eve and they didn’t have stockings.  In Switzerland, they celebrate ‘Santa Clause Day’ on December 6th where he would get something that was the equivalent of a stocking. They would also have Christmas dinner, but there’s would consist of something known as  Chinese Fondue in Switzerland.  Essentially it’s hot broth that you can cook small pieces of meat in within a special fondue pot. Either that or a raclette cheese feast which I’ll get into a little later.

Today, we have a mixture of both of our traditions.  

We decided to do something new this year.  Neither of us have family in town for the holidays so we decided to have some of our hockey family over for a casual night of food, drinks and games.

gin and tonic (1 of 1)

floers (1 of 1)Following these festivities, we opened our stockings and one present each.  I got a wireless keyboard and mouse for my laptop, a game changer if you ask me. 

In the morning, I have what we called ‘Dessert Pancakes’ growing up.  This consists of cherry pie filling and whipped cream on top of our pancakes with a side of crispy bacon.  Yannick’s not too keen on this, so he’ll usually opt for something of the healthier variety. 

pancakes (1 of 1)After breakfast, we open the remainder of our gifts.  Yannick out did himself, getting me a beautiful coat and a purse, and tons of camera and photography accessories.  I got him a ping pong table, boots, a sous vide (a cooking apparatus) and some games.  

christmas gift (1 of 1)Next, we cleaned up the party mess and had a valiant ping pong battle.  I lost but we don’t need to talk about that.  I then proceeded to sink into our couch, watch Christmas movies, play video games and write the majority of this post.

iimage1 (1 of 1)We took our pups for a much needed walk in the late afternoon,

walk (1 of 1)and then came home to start dinner.  I made a healthy version of cream of broccoli soup to get some vegetables in my system and we boiled the potatoes for our raclette cheese extravaganza.

Raclette is a type of cheese from Switzerland that you melt over boiled Yukon gold potatoes, steamed broccoli or whatever else you think melted cheese would me good on.  Sprinkle on some pepper, paprika or nutmeg and voila! A simple and delicious Swiss tradition. 

We finished off the night with some Harry Potter, a puzzle and I had a bath with some Herbivore goodies that a friend got for me.  A perfect way to end the most wonderful day of the year. 

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I’m sure things will change further down the road once we have more than just fur babies, but for now, these are the Christmas comforts that put me in the best Christmas spirit. I hope you enjoyed this post and more importantly, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays. I’d love to hear what your traditions are in your families!


Kayla Price 

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