New Year’s Resolutions

Hello and welcome to the week’s post. I hope everyone had a great week and had fun ringing in the new year!

This is definitely a common, cliche post, but I feel like new years resolutions are often forgotten early in the year they are made, especially in my case.  I’ve made the same resolutions every year for about 5 years and not only have I failed them, but I’ve ended up worse off than I was in a lot of cases.  Not this year.  I feel, and hope, that posting about my resolutions for all of you to read will hold me a little bit more accountable.  And maybe you’ll find some inspiration and join me! Let’s get started.

1. Be Present 

How often have we heard this one? Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s something I need to work on.  Rather than focusing on my past, my mistakes, the uncertainties and the unknown, I’d much prefer to focus on what my life is presenting me with in this very moment.

2. Acceptance & Forgiveness

This goes hand in hand with number one, but I need to accept who I was and forgive myself.  I acknowledge that I should let go of grudges or resentment that no longer serve me.  I need to acknowledge burdens, disappointments, relationship insecurities and judgement and learn to let it go. 

3. Do What Serves Me & My Loved Ones

I’m a people pleaser and I always have been.  I compare myself to others and gauge my success on other peoples’ opinions.  Not only is this unhealthy- it’s also useless.  Rather than trying to make everyone else happy, trying to fit into a certain aesthetic image or trying to make everyone like me, I’d rather focus on doing the things that make me happy.  I’d rather be with the people I love, post about things I enjoy and learn to be comfortable with who I am than focus on the number of followers I have or feeling like I need to be more in order to feel accepted. 

4. Focus on My Health- In a Healthy Way

I’m willing to bet that most of us have made the resolution to lose inches/ weight.  I’ve done this literally every single year.  And what has happened? I’ve gained inches and weight and end up crying and beating myself up over it.

Frankly, I have a horrible diet.  Sugar is my weakness and I’m a carb hoe.  The year, I’d like to focus on cutting back (heavily) on my refined sugar intake, eat at least one serving of veggies per meal as often as is accessible and make a conscious effort to eat whole, unprocessed foods.  

I’m thinking of doing a 21 day sugar detox and doing a post on my results and experience.  Would anyone be interested in joining me or hearing about how it goes? Let me know! 

5. Run a Marathon 

Bet you saw this one coming, but I’m not turning into one of those runners who has “13.1” and “26.2” stickers on the back of my car.  Running a marathon is definitely an accomplishment, but it’s not about bragging to other people who most likely don’t give a rip about how many miles I can run.  It’s about setting a fitness goal with a foreseeable end.  I’m hoping to run the full 26.2 this upcoming Fall.  And if I lose an inch or two off my butt, that’s a welcome bonus.  Let the training begin!

6. Work on My Relationship with God

You can skip this if you’re not religious- I know God is a tricky subject.  In some cases, religion and power cause wars, hatred and oppression.  I want my relationship with faith to be more than the rules set by people in power, utilizing and interpreting the bible the fit their agenda.  I want to form a true relationship with God.  I grew up in a faith driven household and I’ll always be so thankful for that, and now that I’m an ‘adult’, I want to start creating a home of my own with God at it’s center.  

This resolution embodies every other resolution I’ve mentioned in this post.  There is no place for self hatred, judgement of others, hatred towards others, fear or anger.  Religion shouldn’t be about judging one another, it should be about bettering ourselves and focussing on loving one another- throwing away judgement and hatred. 

7. Re- Read Harry Potter


Thanks for reading this week’s post.  What are your resolutions this year? I’d love to hear them!  And please let me know if you’d like more information on doing a sugar detox or if you’d like to join me! Happy New Year everyone and all the best to you and your loved ones.


Kayla Price