Favorite Mascaras

Hello and welcome.  I hope you’re all well.

I’m just doing a quick post sharing some of my favorite mascaras.  Please forgive how horrible the photos are but I was racing the Sun and trying to catch as much natural light as I could so I could get this post up for tonight.  Procrastinator problems.  Also, my makeup looks like butt because I did it 2 minutes before I decided I wanted to do this so please don’t judge my appearance too harshly.  

Oh and also, yes I have a lazy eyebrow.   They say your eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins, but my eyebrows aren’t even related.  My right eyebrow went to law school and makes millions of dollars while my left eyebrow eats Doritos and plays Mario Kart all day, everyday. 

Application & Tips

I generally use two different mascaras when I’m doing my makeup.  If you think that’s excessive, you should have seen me when I was 20… I’d use between 4-5 different mascaras.  Yep. Thankfully for time and my wallet’s sake, I’ve found my top 4 mascaras- three of which I rotate through and one I use every time I put my face on.  

all (1 of 1)Moving clockwise from the top: Too Faced Better Than Sex, Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, L’oreal Lash Paradise, and IT Cosmetics Superhero.  I love all of these (almost) equally.  Today I used the Lash Paradise and the Superhero mascaras.

When I apply my mascara, I’ll look down into a hand held mirror or if I don’t have a hand held mirror handy, I’ll tilt my head back and stand with my head about 6 inches from my bathroom mirror so I can really see what’s going on.

The two pictures above show me with no mascara.  They also show me looking confused, a little out of it, and in definite need of working on my “smize”.  I curled my lashes using my Tweezerman eyelash curler and have little bit of smudged out brown eyeliner at the base of my upper lashes.The above pictures show what one coat of Lash Paradise looks like. I generally will apply two coats of my ‘base mascara’- those being L’oreal, Tarte or Too Faced, and then 1-2 coats of the IT mascara.   All of the mentioned mascaras are favorites and they’e all good in their own way, however, my absolute holy grail mascara is the IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara.  This stuff gives me more volume than any other mascara I’ve ever tried.  The above pictures show what one coat of this stuff will do (on top of the Lash Paradise), and it’s a great stand alone mascara if you’re not looking to use multiple tubes while you’re getting ready.

Individual Stats

Here are a few quick points on each mascara

Lash Paradise: Inexpensive and almost a dupe for the Better Than Sex Mascara.  Definitely prone to flakiness, especially after the tube starts to dry out.  It provides great volume and length and is very buildable.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes: Great for volumizing but doesn’t add a ton of length with one coat.  If you’re applying more than one coat of this stuff, be sure to apply your additional coat before the previous coat dries.

Too Faced Better  Than Sex: Goes hand in hand with the Lash Paradise, except  the wand is bigger and the bristles are more sparse. The quality from tube to tube of the Too Faced definitely varies- I’m not sure if this is a production thing or in my head, but it’s absolutely amazing when you get a good tube.

IT Cosmetics Superhero: Again, my be all, end all mascara.  I love this stuff.  The only gripe I have is that the opening to the mascara can get really goopy and after about a month, you have to excessively wipe of the mascara wand as there is tons of product stuck to it.  It’s worth it though.  Provides amazing volume and length.  I would recommend only layering this one around 2 times for maximum results.  Any more than that and your lashes will feel weighed down.  

That’s about it!  I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you try any of these out.  Also, please let me know if you have any recommendations you’d like to make! I’m always looking for new stuff to try.  Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you for my next post.


Kayla Price