Proper Bagel

Hello and welcome.  I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

I was thinking of starting a sporadic series about some of my favorite places in Nashville,  in the off chance some of you might come to visit this city.  Keep in mind I’m not a food blogger- I can’t fully portray the ambiance, flavors or the purest descriptive form of each place but I can tell you that the places I’ll talk about are friggen good.

Let’s start with Proper Bagel.

Proper Bagel is a New York style eatery  close to Belmont University.  Located in one of the many renovated, old homes along the street, this place has enough aesthetic appeal alone to draw in huge crowds- and it does.  But the food itself is what keeps the masses coming back.  It’s not just another hipster’s paradise- this place has the best bagels I’ve ever had.properbagel (6 of 6)There are tons of bagel flavors to choose from, but they offer a lot more than just that.  It’s a market style place that has several varieties of sandwiches (on bagels of course), cured fish, salads, New York style baked goods and cream cheese by the pound.properbagel (5 of 6)Like I mentioned, if you don’t hit it at the right time, you are susceptible to a longer line, but don’t fret! It moved pretty fast and you’ll most likely welcome a bit of a wait as you try to decide what you want.  There is so much to choose from, including Nutella cream cheese.  That alone is enough of a reason to check this place out.

If you don’t like making game time decisions, you can check out their full menu here.properbagel (3 of 6)I opted for a plain bagel with jalapeño bacon cream cheese.  Yannick had a lox bagel sandwich with dill and chive cream cheese and a coffee, and we shared a Waldorf salad.properbagel (4 of 6)Yes, we had dessert.  I know I’m technically on a sugar detox but I only had a few bites and I ran 7 miles today so you can just leave me alone- it was so worth it.  Even if you don’t like bagels, their daily pastry selection is a thing of dreams.  They have so many treats and my will power succumbed to the powdery sugar goodness that sat before me.  properbagel (1 of 6)

That’s pretty much it! If you live in Nashville or are planning to come here, please keep an eye on the ‘Nashville’ category in the side bar.  I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading.  I’ll see you tomorrow.


Kayla Price