Valentine’s Day 2018

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all doing well.

Yannick and I never celebrate anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.  That’s how it’s been throughout the entirety of our relationship and we never really saw the need to celebrate another consumerist holiday.  Well, I decided to change that this year.  

I’ve never been the romantic type- that’s Yannick’s area of expertise- but I thought it was time I stepped up my game.  After talking to a few girlfriends and listening to their thoughtful ideas, I thought I’d join in on the Valentine’s Day celebrations and give Yannick (and myself) an excuse to eat copious amounts of sweets. 

I made some basic chocolate covered strawberries using semi sweet chocolate chips and melting them using the double boiler method. Just coat the strawberries in the chocolate, lay them on some parchment paper and allow the chocolate to harden.  Super simple and delicious.cinnamon buns (1 of 1)I also made cinnamon buns, but not from scratch.  I just bought some Pillsbury ones in a can, but that still counts!charcutterie (1 of 1)I also picked up some charcuterie goodies from a local shop in Nashville- Porter Road Butcher.  When I went in to order, the guy who was helping me seemed shocked at how much I wanted, but clearly this man does not know how deep my love runs for cured meats and hard cheese. picnic (1 of 1)I has initially planned to have a little picnic outside but it’s been raining for the last few days and today was no exception.  So I put together a cozy little spot in our hallway upstairs where there are skylights so there was tons of natural light.  That still counts, right? wollow (1 of 1)We ended up having one party crasher who thought that this whole ordeal was for her, but she’s cute so we allowed it.  We watched a movie on Netflix, ate our snacks and snuggled with the youngest of our fur babies; the other pup decided she didn’t want any part of it and remained on the opposite side of the house.  Not bad for my first attempt at romanticism. 

I hope you guys enjoyed your Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day! If not, just remember, tomorrow all the chocolate will be at least 50% off.  Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you for my next post.


Kayla Price