Childhood Stories: Julie the Cat and Quack Quack Quack

Hello and welcome to this week’s post.  I hope you’re all doing well.

This week I thought I’d share a quick childhood story with you.  This is one that has always stuck out in my mind and never ceases to make me laugh when I retell it.  If you haven’t seen Mighty Ducks 1 or 2, you probably won’t understand what I’m talking about so maybe stop and re evaluate your life choices and watch them before continuing. 

When I was little, my dad used to make an outdoor rink for my brother to practice on and it was right outside the back of our house.  I used to go out sometimes and skate or just run around on the ice as any kid would.  We had a hockey net and a bucket of pucks and Carey would do his goalie things and I’d pretend I was on the Mighty Ducks hockey team.  

One day (I don’t remember how this came about) I decided that I wanted to go in net. I was armed with a hockey stick and the mentality of Julie the Cat Gaffney. Carey, being the usual heroic sweet and kind brother, was taking it very easy on me and not shooting particularly hard (from what I can remember).  Me, being more of a Goldberg than a Gaffney (look it up), didn’t know how to hold the stick properly and had the blade tilted at the perfect angle for disaster.  I guess Carey took a shot that was a little harder than the rest, but it was along this ice, so what could possibly go wrong? 

In true slow motion and dramatic Opera fashion (think O Fortuna), the puck slid toward my stick, ricocheted off the blade and made direct contact with my nose.  Blood dripped from my schnoz and I flung myself onto the ground, my bowl cut hair flung dramatically in the cold winter wind.  In that moment, I embraced every element of the Mighty Ducks and decided that it was time to persevere.  I got up with the help of either my brother or my dad, I don’t remember which (this is about me remember?) and slowly limped with movie quality dignity into the house to the silent chorus of “quack…. quack… quack.. quack quack quack” in my head. 

I had a hot bath while blood dripped from my nose and felt like the toughest SOB west of Williams Lake.

Thanks for reading this week’s post and I’ll see you for the next one.


Kayla Price