Fashion Inspiration

Hello and welcome to this week’s post.  I hope you’re all doing well.

This week I’m sharing some of my fashion inspiration with you.  This is not necessarily following a seasonal trend, rather, this encompasses my overall/ day to day style. I’m definitely drawn towards a masculine/ androgynous style palette, and I’ve never felt more inspired than I did when I worked at AllSaints.

I sourced all of these images from Pinterest- the best place for any fashion inspiration. There are so many images that I found but didn’t include because I could honestly post about a thousand pictures and never tire of it and I won’t subject you to that. I plan on doing a more in depth post actually linking you to some items that I love, but for now, here’s a little preview of what to expect.

Let’s get started.

white dress shirttweed blazeroversized trenchbalfernallsaints blackbuckle bootsbowlersconverseglitterflatsoversized tdree pantsleopardripped jeanssuit